Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing is a huge part of who we are at Mead & Hunt. This strong foundational value informs our relationships, our strategies, and our path forward: our employees are empowered to have a positive impact on the world around us. We strive to benefit, champion, and elevate the communities we serve, both professionally and personally. And we work to take responsibility for our actions, consistently improving where needed.


We strive to make our impact on the world a positive one. By evolving our business practices and project work to provide resilient, sustainable solutions, we can create better communities for generations to come.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging

We know our differences make us stronger. From enhancing the sense of belonging within our company, to incorporating equity and inclusion into our project work and engaging in meaningful community outreach, our focus on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, is about putting people first.

ESG Report

To learn more about our commitment to doing the right thing for our people, planet, and community, check out our ESG report here.

Mead & Hunt Cares

Through our formal company giveback program, Mead & Hunt Cares, we invest time, money, and energy into causes that matter to us. We believe in offering multiple platforms to do this:

volunteering paid time off
Volunteering Paid Time Off

Whether you engage in company-organized volunteer activities, or seek your own volunteer opportunities, Mead & Hunt provides time off for you to give back.

donating matching
Donation Matching

Support the causes that matter to you—we’ll support them too with a designated company match.

community outreach
Community Outreach

We like to team up for a good cause during group volunteer events. We promote STEAM outreach to students of all ages. We also have an annual grant program benefitting community outreach projects.